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21st July 2011

Aero Maintenance Ltd of Walton Wood in Yorkshire have successfully carried out the first ever UK full 12-year overhaul of an EC 120, they’ve also given it an outstanding new interior and re-spray too!

Previously, the 12-year inspection was to be carried out by Eurocopter only, but an amendment to the MSM (Master Servicing Manual) allows companies such as Aero Maintenance Ltd with appropriate approvals and personnel to carry out the inspection completely in-house.

The aircraft G-OMEM (SN-1006) was the first EC 120 to be imported into the UK and therefore the first to be ‘twelve year’ overhauled. Additional to the 12-year overhaul is the 144-month ‘Dynamic Rotating component Inspection’, this was all completed by Aero Maintenance Ltd in-house, meaning no parts had to be sent away whatsoever. Having this capability allowed for smooth and rapid progress of the complete overhaul.

The aircraft came into Aero Maintenance at the end of November 2010, the overhaul, inspection and new interior were all completed by the 6th April, with the re-spray finished just a few weeks later. This is an incredibly fast turnaround and something Aero Maintenance are extremely proud of. However, it could have been completed even faster because a whole month was lost waiting for parts (Usual French – Anglo delays!!). Aero Maintenance are now confident that future overhaul times could be cut down to 2 – 3 months through knowledge gained and pre-ordering of the necessary components.

With Aero Maintenances’ very favourable labour costs coupled with vast EC 120 knowledge and experience, the overhaul cost of the 120 will be far more competitive than any other maintenance organisation capable of carrying out this type of work. Testament to their ability is the fact that Aero Maintenance has six EC 120’s on their books, as well as many other types that they are approved for.

The owner of G-OMEM had this to say: “I delivered the helicopter to Aero Maintenance in November 2010 and was keen to get it back for a business trip to the Ukraine. I was amazed on how far it was stripped down in such little time. Delays due to parts were inevitable, as a Eurocopter owner it was par for the course! However the guys presented a stunning new look aircraft bang on time.”

Aero Maintenance really is the complete ‘One Stop Shop’ for all your maintenance requirements. They have long standing relationships and work closely with localised approved facilities to offer full re-spray and interior upgrades as well as having the capability to carry out full avionic upgrades and installations. If you are considering having any type of work carried out on your aircraft, it would be prudent to speak to Aero Maintenance first. They guarantee to save you time and money!
Aero Maintenance Ltd are based at Walton Wood airfield in Thorpe Audlin near Pontefract West Yorkshire. This has to be one of the finest helicopter engineering facilities in the UK. You’ll find Walton Wood in your Pooley’s guide, it’s nestled in lovely country side just by the side of the A1 motorway and is in open airspace and slap bang in the middle of the UK, perfect for north-south en-route stops. The landing fees are reasonable, free if you upload fuel of which they have Jet A1 and Avgas at competitively priced rates. Limited hangarage is available on request. Radio ahead when you’re inbound and the friendly and helpful team at A M will even fetch you some of the finest fish & chips in Yorkshire for your arrival!
Since this editorial G-OMEM has just returned from an epic trip to the Ukraine. Some 35 hours flying without a hiccup, but that’s another story….

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G-OMEM before the 12 year overhaul showing old paint scheme EC120 stripped down for inspection at aero maintenance
Eurocopter EC120 G-OMEM looking good in black after 12 year overhaul Beautiful new interior and avionics fitted by aero maintenance of walton wood
G-OMEM rolled out ready for first flight to the Ukraine Look at the detailing in the leather!

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